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Eventual Ashes

Artistic Director: Gein Wong

Eventual Ashes is a Toronto-based Performing Arts company that produces and presents interdisciplinary work with strong narratives and stimulates audience discussion.    Formed in 2008, director, playwright, composer and video artist Gein Wong serves as the Artistic Director.   We create three types of productions 1) interdisciplinary works that incorporate multimedia and technology; 2)Audience interactive and immersive pieces in non-traditional performance spaces; 3) pieces that combine traditional and contemporary art forms.   Our productions have incorporated the work of professional theatre artists, visual artists, Chinese and Western classical musicians, rock/pop/electronic musicians, traditional Chinese and modern dancers, filmmakers, video artists, poets and performance artists.



Produced by Eventual Ashes

No Strings (Attached) March 16th, 2016 – March 26th, 2016
A Song for Tomorrow August 11th, 2012 – August 19th, 2012

Current Staff

Gein Wong Artistic Director