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Hypothetical Baby ()

Produced by

The Howland Company

Playwright: Rachel Cairns
Director: Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


December 8th, 2023 – December 17th, 2023


An unintended pregnancy, followed by an unhelpful doctor’s appointment, leads to a Christmas Eve abortion and one woman’s reckoning with the practical and existential considerations in deciding to become a parent… or not.

Hypothetical Baby is a time-travelling exploration that grapples with the personal and societal factors that shape our reproductive lives and the intricate relationship between choice, change, and loss.

From the creator of the award-winning Aborsh podcast, Rachel Cairns mixes data and drama in this autobiographical work to publicly talk about abortion the way we do privately — with neurotic vulnerability, unflinching honesty, and frank irreverence. (

Creative Team

Rachel Cairns Playwright
Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster Director
Julia Howman Production Designer
Julia Howman Lighting Designer
Julia Howman Projection Designer
Cosette Pin Sound Designer


Rachel Cairns Performer
Taylor Young Production Stage Manager
Emily Jung Associate Technical Artist