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Punk Rock ()

Produced by

The Howland Company


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Scotiabank Community Studio


March 29th, 2018 – April 14th, 2018


In the library of a fee-paying grammar school outside of Manchester, England, a group of hyper-intelligent seventeen-year olds prepare for their final exams. As anxiety builds and hormones rage, the students must prepare for a future that seems  uncertain – and survive the volatile rites-of-passage of an unstable world.

A bubbling cauldron of fear, anger and self-loathing that threatens to destroy the adolescent fantasy, PUNK ROCK is a painful reminder of the dormant violence that lurks in the shadows of any civilized society. (


Cameron Laurie William Carlisle
Ruth Goodwin Lilly Cahill
James Graham Bennett Francis
Hallie Seline Cissy Franks
Tim Dowler-Coltman Nicholas Chatman
Kristen Zaza Tanya Gleason
Andrew Pimento Chadwick Meade
Sam Kalilieh Richard Harvey
Sophia Jin Lucy Francis
Marleigh Francis Lucy Francis

Creative Team

Simon Stephens Playwright
Gregory Prest Director
Nancy Perrin Set Designer
Nancy Perrin Costume Designer
Jareth Li Lighting Designer
Andy Trithardt Sound Designer
Simon Fon Fight Director
Brittany Kay Assistant Director


Hannah MacMillan Stage Manager
Hallie Seline Producer
Brittany Kay Education Consultant