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52 Pick-Up ()

Produced by

The Howland Company

Playwright: T.J. Dawe and Rita Bozi
Directors: Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster and Paolo Santalucia


Fraser Studios


March 5th, 2015 – March 22nd, 2015


In a blend of sharp writing and improvisation, 52 PICK-UP swerves from romantic comedy to quiet heartbreak at the drop of a card, as two people navigate through the events of their relationship. How it works: 52 scene titles are written on an ordinary deck of playing cards. At the top of each show actors toss the cards in the air and the story follows the order in which they are randomly picked up. No two shows will ever be the same! (


James Graham Performer
Alexander Plouffe Performer
Cameron Laurie Performer
Hallie Seline Performer
Alexander Crowther Performer
Ruth Goodwin Performer
Llyandra Jones Performer
Kristen Zaza Performer

Creative Team

T.J. Dawe Playwright
Rita Bozi Playwright
Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster Director
Paolo Santalucia Director
Joe Pagnan Production Designer


Sam Hale Stage Manager