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We the Family ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Director: Andrea Wasserman
Playwright: George F. Walker


Hart House Theatre


September 18th, 2015 – October 3rd, 2015


Two families collide in this dark comedy written by acclaimed Canadian playwright, George F. Walker. Known for his wit and biting commentary on city living, Walker’s We the Family looks at the after-effects of a wedding between culturally divergent families. As they struggle to understand one another, their own failings and bad choices set them on a collision course with a devastating – and hilarious – end. (


John Cleland David Kaplan
Sarah Murphy-Dyson Lizzie Kaplan
Concette Guccione Merle Kaplan
David Cairns Sonny Kaplan
Lindsey Middleton Marnie Kaplan
Phoebe Hu Jenny Lee
Sherman Tsang Lucy Lee
Jessica Allen Sonya
Reneé Haché Bianca
Mike Vitorovich Ali

Creative Team

Andrea Wasserman Director
George F. Walker Playwright
Brandon Kleiman Set Designer
Kathleen Black Costume Designer
David DeGrow Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Jackie McClelland Properties
Eleanor Kschischang Assistant Director
Karthy Chin Assistant Set Designer
Alan Trumble Assistant Lighting Designer


Tara Mohan Stage Manager
Juliana Bertosa Assistant Stage Manager
Lucy McPhee Assistant Stage Manager
Scott Gorman Carpenter
Grace Eakins Scenic Painter
Melissa Pulch Wardrobe Crew
Sophie Vitkovitsky Wardrobe Crew
Victoria Beales Production Assistant
Alexandra Brennan Production Assistant
Cherie Chiu Production Assistant
Sarah Chung Production Assistant
Savannah Forest Production Assistant
Kim Hill-Tout Production Assistant
Jayden Hsueh Production Assistant
Alex Kostenko Production Assistant
Yvonne Lee Production Assistant
Camille Ligier Production Assistant
Caitlin March Production Assistant
Patricia Nguyen Production Assistant
Shaelyn Peregrinton Production Assistant
Loralie Pollard Production Assistant
Urvashi Rathod Production Assistant
Maliha Manahil Syeda Production Assistant
Kristina Zaja Production Assistant


Jennifer Jakob Head of Wardrobe