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The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinski ()

Produced by

Groundwater Productions

Playwright: Erin Shields
Director: Andrea Donaldson

Inspired by the stories of Angela Carter


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


November 21st, 2007 – December 2nd, 2007


Lost to The Beast in a wager by her father, caught in the Erl-King’s cage, shaken into a lycanthropic fit, and swung from the strings of a Gypsy puppeteer, Masha’s bad luck never seems to run out. Equally acrobatic and poetic, comedic and erotic, violent and hysterical, Erin Shields’ performance brings this feminist Gothic work to life.  (Show Facebook Event)


Erin Shields Performer

Creative Team

Erin Shields Playwright
Andrea Donaldson Director
Andrea Donaldson Choreographer
Gillian Wolpert Lighting Designer


Emma Laird Stage Manager
Gideon Arthurs Producer
Miriam Fernandes Producer
Anthony Swaneveld Graphic Designer
David DeGrow Lighting Crew
Frasier Stevens Lighting Crew


Ryan McDougall House Technician