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Lizardboy ()

Produced by

Whimsical Productions and Winged Centaurus

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Víctor Gómez
Directors: Sheena D. Robertson and Víctor Gómez


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


August 5th, 2011 – August 14th, 2011


Colombia in the early 1980s was a world turned on its head by drugs, corruption and violence. Over the last 20 years, over 1.2 million Colombians have left as a result of this violence, many of them to Canada, where they are now one of the largest groups of refugees in this country.

Inspired by Victor’s own experience during this time, and written after he came to Canada as a refugee, Lizardboy unravels the story of a family stained by the vibrancy and tragedy of that chaotic world.

After five years in development and numerous successful workshop performances, Lizardboy brings from Colombia an inquiry about peace and violence into the laboratory of tolerance and diversity that Canada strives to represent. (


Víctor Gómez Performer
Liliana Suárez Henao Diana's Voice
Efrain Londoño Diego's Father

Creative Team

Víctor Gómez Playwright
Sheena D. Robertson Director
Víctor Gómez Director
Anne Marie Polistuk Designer
Edgardo Moreno Sound Designer
Corey Waters Additional Sound Support
Katya Kuznetsova Choreographer
Sheena D. Robertson Dramaturge
Sheena D. Robertson Translation
Víctor Gómez Translation
Efrain Londoño Additional Translation Support


Madelyne Maingot Stage Manager
Víctor Gómez Producer
Sheena D. Robertson Producer
Anne Marie Polistuk Producer


Colin Harris Venue Technician
David DeGrow Venue Technician
David DeGrow Festival Lighting Designer