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Night of the Living Dead Live ()

Produced by

Nictophobia Films

Director: Christopher Bond
Co-Writers: Christopher Bond and Dale Boyer and Trevor Martin


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


5th - 6th October, 2013


October 5th, 2013 – October 27th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2013 BroadwayWorld Toronto Award Winner – Best Play, Best Direction of a Play, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Leading Actor in a Play (Mike ‘Nug’ Narhgang), Best Leading Actress in a Play (Dale Boyer) 


Night of the Living Dead Live is a fun and hilarious re-imagining of George A. Romero’s legendary classic. Set in 1968 and presented in all black and white, it literally feels like the film has been brought to life and placed on stage. The play lovingly examines the movie itself, the period in which it was made, and the film’s undying influence on the horror genre. (


Darryl Hinds Ben / TV Reporter / Chief McClelland
Mike “Nug” Nahrgang Harry Cooper / Scientist
Dale Boyer Helen / Judy / Army General / Zombie
Trevor Martin Chief McClelland / Zombie / News Anchor / Ben
Gwynne Phillips Barbra / Karen / Zombie
Andrew Fleming Tom / Johnny / Vince / Bill Cardille

Creative Team

George A. Romero Original Creator
Russ Streiner Original Creator
John A. Russo Original Creator
Christopher Bond Director
Christopher Bond Co-Writer
Dale Boyer Co-Writer
Trevor Martin Co-Writer
Christopher Harrison Co-Creator
Phil Pattison Co-Creator
Christina Spina Makeup Design
Lindsay Anne Black Set Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Claudia Kada Costume and Costume FX Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Mike Trebilcock Music Composer
Jamie Lamb Music Composer
Kevin Robinson Fight Choreographer
Stacey Maroske Dance Choreographer
Alyksandra Ackerman Assistant Set Designer


George A. Romero Executive Producer
Russ Streiner Executive Producer
John A. Russo Executive Producer
Mike Redmond Executive Producer
Christopher Harrison Producer
Phil Pattison Producer
Marty Birthelmer Producer
Chris Janik Producer
Elizabeth McDermott Stage Manager
Andrea Baggs Apprentice Stage Manager
Scott Patterson Special Make-Up Effects
Scott Patterson Props
Carlos Henriques Props
Sarah Atchison Make-Up Assistant
Sarah Atchison Costume Assistant
David DeGrow Technical Director
Vanessa Wishart Head of Wardrobe
Natasha Ateah Wigs
Jason David Brown Set Builder
Ryan Louagie Props Assistant
Johnny Ibay Props Assistant
Kassandra Madison Props Assistant
Greg Schwab Props Assistant
Ryan Benish Props Assistant
Bethany McLeod Props Assistant
Marina Snider Props Assistant
Laura Dunlop Education Editorial Assistant
Eric Read Venue Technician
Evan Bonnah-Hawkes Crew
Cassie Minduik Crew
David DeGrow Crew
Liz Maraston Crew
Josh Hoodless Crew
Eric Read Crew
Cynthia Amsden Publicist


David Fisher Mainspace Technician