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Chile Con Carne ()

Produced by

Alameda Theatre Company

Playwright: Carmen Aguirre
Director: Marilo Nuñez


Factory Studio Theatre


March 30th, 2013 – April 14th, 2013


Eight-year-old Manuelita is determined to save Cedar, her tree. Fuelled by her parents recent experience as political refugees from Chile, Manuelita recruits her new friends from school to campaign with her at all costs.

A dark comedy set in Vancouver in 1975, Chile Con Carne paints a portrait of childhood innocence stained by political upheaval, juxtaposed with blonde Barbie dolls, disco dancing lessons and the struggle to fit in. (


Paloma Nuñez Manuelita
Rosa Laborde Voice-over
Gilda Monreal Voice-over
Juan Nuñez Voice-over
Francisco Trujillo Voice-over

Creative Team

Carmen Aguirre Playwright
Marilo Nuñez Director
Flavia Hevia Set Designer
Flavia Hevia Lighting Designer
Lindsay Anne Black Costume Designer
Edgardo Moreno Music
Edgardo Moreno Sound Designer
Cameron Davis Projection Designer
Flavia Hevia Puppet Shadow Design
Enrique Enriquez Puppet Shadow Design


Fiona Jones Stage Manager
David DeGrow Production Manager
Kevin Hutson Technical Director
Diana Colavecchia Costume Intern
Jessica Zepeda Producing Intern
Marilo Nuñez Producer
Sigrid Velis Producer
Flavia Hevia Puppet Shadow Construction
Enrique Enriquez Puppet Shadow Construction
Kevin Hutson Set Construction
Fina MacDonell Set Construction
John Bory Set Construction
Joanna Russell Set Construction
Jeremy Mohammed Set Construction
Lin-Mei Lay Set Construction


Bryan Eaton Factory Studio Technical Director