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Café Daughter ()

Produced by

Gwaandak Theatre

Presented by

Native Earth Performing Arts

Playwright: Kenneth T. Williams
Director: Yvette Nolan


Aki Studio


January 15th, 2013 – January 20th, 2013


Café Daughter is a one-woman show inspired by the life of Dr. Lillian E. Quan Dyck.  This family friendly show is about a Chinese Canadian Cree girl growing up in rural Saskatchewan.  The story begins in 1957: 10-year old Yvette Wong helps out in her parents’ café.  Her mother has charged her with a secret – to never tell anyone she’s part Cree.  She’s incredibly bright and dreams of becoming a doctor, but is put in the slow learners’ class because of her skin colour.  This occurs at a time when Aboriginal children are forced into residential schools, provincial law forbids Caucasian women from working in Chinese-owned businesses, and Chinese-Canadian men struggle to bring families to Canada. (


PJ Prudat Yvette Wong

Creative Team

Kenneth T. Williams Playwright
Yvette Nolan Director
Linda Leon Set Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Jona Barr Sound Designer
K. Scott Maynard Sound Designer
Linda Talbot Costume Designer


Richard Cliff Stage Manager
David DeGrow Production Manager
Melaina Sheldon Apprentice Actor
Aimée Dawn Robinson Production Assistant
Mitch Miyagawa Study Guide