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Morning Glory ()

Playwright: Karin Bolette Sonne
Director: Kate Lushington


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


August 4th, 2011 – August 13th, 2011


Meds and laundry and making art with broken crayons. Who can you rely on to get you through the day in the loneliest place on earth? 5 sizzling vignettes expose the brutal world of women with special needs in Ontario’s prisons, and the unlikely friendships that bloom under constant surveillance. (


Soo Garay Sara
Jonelle Gunderson Tiffany
Jajube Mandiela Stefanie
Erin McMurtry Jennie
Tanisha Taitt Charmaine

Creative Team

Karin Bolette Sonne Playwright
Kate Lushington Director
Andy Moro Production Designer
Karin Bolette Sonne Costumes
David Sweeney Lighting Designer
Alejandra Nunez Musical Director


Kalina Janik Stage Manager
Danica Brown Production Coordinator
Marvin Araneta Workshop ASM
Timo Wells Bench Welding


Colin Harris Venue Technician
David DeGrow Venue Technician
David DeGrow Festival Lighting Designer