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The Refuge of Freidel ()

Produced by

Aluna Theatre and the Freidel Collective

Presented by


Playwrights: Liliana Suárez Henao and Beatriz Pizano
Director: Beatriz Pizano


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator Space


January 20th, 2016 – January 23rd, 2016


From Colombia’s Avant-Garde theatre to Toronto’s after-hours service industry, Liliana puts a face and a name to the refugee experience. Liliana weaves her experiences of forced displacement, arrival, and her journey as an artist in Canada, with the  plays of controversial Colombian theatre-maker, and her director, Jose Manuel Freidel: an artist who fought against his society’s indifference toward injustice. Freidel was assassinated a few blocks away from his beloved theatre at the age of 39. (


Liliana Suárez Henao Performer

Creative Team

Liliana Suárez Henao Playwright
Beatriz Pizano Playwright
Beatriz Pizano Director
Victoria Mata Movement
Victoria Mata Assistant Director
Trevor Schwellnus Scenographer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Carlos González-Vio Translator (To English)


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