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Carlos González-Vio

Creator, Performer, Resident Artist, Translator


Nohayquiensepa (No One Knows) () Co-Creator


On the Other Side of the Sea () Fisherman
among men () Milton Acorn
Gloria () Lorin
Human Animals () Performer
Scavenger's Daughter () Webb
KISS () Ahmed
Blood Weddings / Bodas de Sangre () Leonardo
Pomona () Zeppo
Brave New World () Henry Foster
The Death of the King () The Commander
Blood Wedding / Bodas de Sangre () Leonardo
The Oak Room () Richard
Geography of a Horse Dreamer () The Doctor
Hallaj () Sharif
Elora Gorge () Kyle Mebbs / Ker Calder
Nohayquiensepa (No One Knows) () Performer
La Comunión () Lenin / Ernesto
The Epic of Gilgamesh (Up Until the Part Where Enkidu Dies) () Enkidu
Marla's Party () Luka
Madre () Jorge


What I learned from a decade of fear () Surtitles Translator
The Refuge of Freidel () Translator (To English)
What I Learned From a Decade of Fear () Surtitle Translator
In Spirit () Spanish Translations


ARC Resident Artist