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The Death of the King ()

Produced by

Modern Times Stage Company and The Theatre Centre

Playwright: Bahram Beyzaie
Director: Soheil Parsa


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


March 26th, 2016 – April 10th, 2016


The Death of the King tells the story of a family charged with treason, and accused of killing their nation’s ruler. The execution gallows are being prepared while a miller, his wife, and their daughter embark on a desperate bid to reveal the truth about their despotic, yet desperate, leader. (


Sean Baek The Corporal
Steven Bush The Magu ( Zoroastrian Priest)
Colin A. Doyle The Private
Carlos González-Vio The Commander
Ron Kennell The Miller
Jani Lauzon The Woman
Bahareh Yaraghi The Girl

Creative Team

Bahram Beyzaie Playwright
Soheil Parsa Director
Soheil Parsa Translator
Peter Farbridge Translator
Carla Melo Assistant Director
Trevor Schwellnus Scenographer
Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher Lighting Apprentice
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Composer
Deanna H. Choi Assistant Sound Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Sierra Boake Costume Design Assistant


Michael Hart Stage Manager
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager
Sylvia Defend Head of Wardrobe
Alexa Polenz Stitcher
Sandra Mandich Stitcher
Jenny So Scenic Artist
Diana Lopez Soto Scenic Artist
Natasha Macfadyen Leather Armour
Sarah “Pip” Bradford Crew
JP Faienza Crew
Liz Maraston Crew
Shayne Monaghan Crew
Kai Masaoka Crew
Ryan Wilson Crew
Dillon Rogers Crew
Gia Nahmens Head of Administration
Sue Balint Producer
Gabrielle Immelman Associate Producer (San Francisco)
Jeremy Mimnagh Production Photography
Sue Balint Production Graphic Design