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Jeremy Mimnagh

Associate Projection Designer, Composer, Music, Photographer, Projection Designer, Sound Designer, Video Designer, Videographer

Associate Projection Designer

Century Song () Associate Projection Designer
Century Song () Associate Projection Designer


Ab Intra () Music (only)


as it is () Music
Art Fag () Original Music (LADY: Images in a Melodramatic Setting)


Pacamambo () Photographer


Our Town () Production Photography / Archiving
The Death of the King () Production Photography
The Stronger Variations () Photography
Obaaberima () Photography
Breakfast () Photography

Projection Designer

what it's like () Projection Designer
Divisadero: A Performance () Projection Designer
The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union () Projection Designer

Sound Designer

what it's like () Sound Designer
Still Here () Sound Designer
Featuring Loretta () Sound Designer

Video Designer

Trace () Video Designer
Still Here () Video Designer
Featuring Loretta () Video Designer


Love You Wrong Time () Videographer