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what it’s like ()

Produced by

Adelheid and The Theatre Centre

Choreographer: Heidi Strauss


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


September 21st, 2016 – October 2nd, 2016


what it’s like, a new work from adelheid’s Artistic Director Heidi Strauss, brings audiences into a shared space to consider performance as an active platform to witness and experience our shifting relationships with comfort, agency, responsibility, and complicity. In a world so threatened by violence and fear, what it’s like explores what brotherhood can really mean. (


Michael Caldwell Performer
Luke Garwood Performer
Naishi Wang Performer

Creative Team

Heidi Strauss Choreographer
Naishi Wang Creator
Luke Garwood Creator
Michael Caldwell Creator
Julie Fox Scenic Designer
Jeremy Mimnagh Projection Designer
Jeremy Mimnagh Sound Designer
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
Alana Elmer Costume Designer


Fides Krucker Voice Coach
Shanna Miller Production Manager
Rebecca Vandevelde Assistant Production Manager
Laura Cournoyea Stage Manager
Jane Alison McKinney Rehearsal Assistance


Tim Lindsay Technical Director
Navid Amini House Technician