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Trace ()

Produced by

ReDefine Arts and Theatre Passe Muraille

Co-Creators: Tristan Whiston and Moynan King
Director: Moynan King


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


April 21st, 2023 – April 30th, 2023


How do we reconcile all of who we have been, with who we are now, and who we are yet to become?

Enter the world of Trace: an interdisciplinary performance about the voice in transition.

Created by Tristan R. Whiston and Moynan King, Trace focuses on the ongoing nature of queer being and becoming. By transforming a private story into a public performance, audiences will be taken on a journey across time and identity.

Beginning with archival audio recordings of Tristan’s singing voice across different stages of his gender transition, Trace integrates sound art, music, and video in an immersive and interactive live performance. Archival footage of the 1990’s cabaret act The Boychoir of Lesbos, created by Tristan and co-realized by Moynan, is woven in as a tangible example of the ways that performance can extend and realize gender identification using the voice as a key method of doing so.

In the current iteration of the show, Trace gestures toward a queer future with the live performance of a newly realized trans/non-binary/gender-queer choir that reflects the changing nature of queer community and identity. (


Tristan Whiston Performer
Arin Klein Choirmember
Annanda DeSilva Choirmember
Celina Carroll Choirmember
Eli Holliday Choirmember
Gehan Udayanga Choirmember
Isabella Cavalheiro-Chin Choirmember
Kay Jones Choirmember
Megan Wilk Choirmember
Nigel Wynne Choirmember
Riley Kelk Choirmember
Theo Ryan Choirmember
Van Ward Choirmember
Wy Joung Kou Choirmember
Zena Lord Choirmember

Creative Team

Tristan Whiston Co-Creator
Moynan King Co-Creator
Moynan King Director
Charissa Wilcox Lighting Designer
Jeremy Mimnagh Video Designer
Ange Beever Set Designer
Robin Woodward Set Designer
Jasmine King Costume Designer
Tristan Whiston Sound Designer
Moynan King Sound Designer
Tristan Whiston Composer
Moynan King Composer


Becky Gold Stage Manager
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager
Dawn Whitwell Stand-up Coach
Alex Bulmer Access Consultant
Henry Chan Still Photography
Ian Kelly Venue Technician
Matt Armour Crew
Jadi Darawi Crew
Nathan Gregory Crew
Ian Kelly Crew
Elio Legault Crew
Dan Lei Crew
Lindsay McDonald Crew
Connor Price-Kelleher Crew
Evelyn Rensing Crew
Christopher Sutherland Crew
Rian Tran Crew


David Fisher Venue Technician
Jonathan Rooke Production Manager