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Jonathan Rooke

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Technician, Production Manager, Sound Designer, Venue Technician

Assistant Carpenter

Molière () Assistant Carpenter
Scorched () Assistant Carpenter

Carpentry Crew

The Drowning Girls () Carpentry Crew
Molière () Carpentry Crew
Bashir Lazhar () Carpentry Crew
Scorched () Carpentry Crew


Goodness () Crew
Dance of the Red Skirts () Crew

Lighting Crew

The Drowning Girls () Lighting Crew
Bashir Lazhar () Lighting Crew

Production Manager

our place () Production Manager
The Year of the Cello () Production Manager
as it is () Production Manager
Pyaasa () Production Manager
Missing () Production Manager
Toronto The Good () Production Manager
My Fellow Creatures () Production Manager
The Pillowman () Production Manager
36 Views () Production Manager
blood.claat: one womban story () Production Manager
The Rochdale Project () Production Manager
3 Squares a Day () Production Director

Sound Designer

The Rochdale Project () Sound Designer

Venue Technician

Lake Nora Arms () Venue Technician
The Nick Drake Project () Venue Technician
Underneath () Venue Technician
Apricots () Venue Technician
Sum of its Parts () Venue Technician
Pelee () Venue Technician
I'm So Close It's Not Even Funny () Venue Technician
Arm's Length () Venue Technician
The Kente Cloth () Venue Technician