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The Year of the Cello ()

Produced by

Music Picnic and Theatre Passe Muraille

Co-Creators: Marjorie Chan and Njo Kong Kie
Playwright: Marjorie Chan
Director: Marjorie Chan


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


October 15th, 2022 – October 29th, 2022


Wen and her friend Li-An are forever changed by their encounter with the Cellist, whose music unlocks all that was left unspoken.

The Year of the Cello is told poetically, alongside live cello music culminating in a lament for loves lost, and a Hong Kong that once was.



Rong Fu Wen
Bryan Holt Cellist
Brendan Rogers Cellist
Keshia Palm Wen (Understudy)

Creative Team

Marjorie Chan Co-Creator
Njo Kong Kie Co-Creator
Marjorie Chan Playwright
Marjorie Chan Director
Njo Kong Kie Composer
Njo Kong Kie Sound Designer
Njo Kong Kie Musical Director
Keshia Palm Assistant Director
Echo Zhou 周芷會 Production Designer
Matt McGeachy Dramaturge
Indrit Kasapi Additional Dramaturgy
Karthy Chin Additional Dramaturgy
Jessica Watkin Accessibility Dramaturge
Abby Esteireiro Assistant Costume Designer


Michael Panich Stage Manager
Vivian Chong Accessibility Consultant
David Fisher Crew
Amber Pattison Crew
Uri Livne-Bar Crew
Cindy Ci Crew
Elio Legault Crew
Edith Nataprawira Head of Paint


Nicole Eun-Ju Bell Venue Technician
Jonathan Rooke Production Manager