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Apricots ()

Produced by


Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Misha Shulman
Director: Adam Lazarus


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 6th, 2009 – August 16th, 2009


From behind the scenes of the Middle East peace talks to the front lines of Hamas rocket launchers, a plumber, and a farmer find a way to sift through the crap together. A comedy based on a tragic true story. (


Lauren Brotman Performer
Melissa D’Agostino Performer
Sam Kalilieh Performer
Kwame Kyei-Boateng Performer
Allan Michaels Performer
Kevin Sheard Performer
Pierre Simpson Performer
Evan Webber Performer

Creative Team

Misha Shulman Playwright
Adam Lazarus Director
Gillian Gallow Set Designer
Jeff Cottam Associate Set Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Robert Perrault Sound Designer
Nina Okens Costume Designer


Veronica Formosa Stage Manager
Susie J Stage Manager
Kristina McNamee Producer


Jonathan Rooke Venue Technician
Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Trevor Schwellnus Festival Lighting Designer