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Nina Okens

Nina Okens

Consultant, Costume Designer, Designer, Set Designer, Surtitles, Translator, Wardrobe Crew


Mrs. Warren's Profession () Design Consultant
The Gladstone Variations () Costume Consultant ("The Tearful Bride")

Costume Designer

Three Men on a Bike () Period Costumes
Dom Juan () Costume Designer
Clique Claque () Costume Designer
Les Zinspirés: Cinq sur Cinq () Costume Designer
Le Placard () Costumes
Ultrasound () Costume Designer
Espoir/Espwa () Costume Designer
Three Men in a Boat () Costume Designer
Three Men in a Boat () Period Costumes
Les Précieuses Ridicules () Costumes
Same Same But Different () Costume Designer
Le Fa Le Do () Costumes
As You Like It () Costume Designer
Albertine En Cinq Temps () Costumes
Les Zinspirés () Costumes
Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest () Costume Designer
L’Emmerdeur (The Pain in the Ass) () Costumes
Zone () Costume
Ditch () Costume Designer
His Greatness () Costume Designer
War of the Clowns () Costumes
À Toi, pour Toujours, ta Marie-Lou () Costumes
Les Fridolinades () Costumes
Fragments de Mensonges Inutiles (Fragments of Useless Lies) () Costume Designer
Les Médecins de Molière () Costumes
Apricots () Costume Designer
Le Dîner de Cons (The Dinner Game) () Costume Designer
The Misfit () Costume Designer
[boxhead] () Costume Designer
Fibber () Costume Designer
The Barbecue King () Costumes
Conservatives in Love () Costume Designer
Conservatives in Love () Costume Designer
The Sheep and The Whale () Costume Designer

Costume Supervisor

Raging Dreams - Into the Visceral () Costume


Taking Liberties () Designer

Set Designer

The Misfit () Set Designer


The Arab-Israeli Cookbook () Sewer


Bâtardes () English Captioning
Lesson in Forgetting () Surtitles Creation
Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake () Surtitles Creation
The Second Surprise of Love () Surtitles Creation and Operation
Le Menteur () Surtitles Creation and Operation
The Telling of Tel () Surtitles Operation
Les Zinspirés: Puissance Quatre () Surtitles Creation


Lesson in Forgetting () Surtitles Translation
The Bald Soprano () Surtitles Translation
The Telling of Tel () Surtitles Translation
Where Trees Take Root in Water () Surtitles Translation