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The Gladstone Variations ()

Produced by

Convergence Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Rick Roberts and Mike McPhaden and Brendan Gall and Julie Tepperman
Directors: Alan Dilworth and Ruth Madoc-Jones and Aaron Willis and Rebecca Benson


The Gladstone Hotel


July 4th, 2007 – July 15th, 2007


Variation 1: “The Tearful Bride” & “Requiem for A Hotel”

A bride laments a stained wedding dress, and a penniless Karaoke Queen becomes a diversion for a pair of partying scenesters.

Variation 2: “The Card Trick” & “I Grow Old”

A down-and-out stranger searches for a missing girl, while an old man returns to rent his old room and refuses to leave.

(2007 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Richard Greenblatt Concierge
Lori Nancy Kalamanski The Bride
Marc Bendavid Bellhop
Janet Amos Rhonda
Aviva Armour-Ostroff Jenny
Brett Christopher Jayson
David Yee Kelly
Stewart Arnott Man
Dov Mickelson Bellhop
Athena Lamarre Sky
James Cade Trent
Christopher Stanton Stranger / Squirrelly
Sanjay Talwar Concierge
Marcia Johnson Ms. Greer
Bob Nasmith Harry Kraft

Creative Team

Rick Roberts Playwright ("The Tearful Bride"
Mike McPhaden Playwright ("Requiem for a Hotel")
Brendan Gall Playwright ("The Card Trick")
Julie Tepperman Playwright ("I Grow Old")
Alan Dilworth Director ("The Card Trick")
Ruth Madoc-Jones Director ("Ruth Madoc-Jones")
Aaron Willis Director ("The Tearful Bride")
Rebecca Benson Director ("I Grow Old")
Allison Cummings Movement Consultant ("The Card Trick" & "The Tearful Bride")
Todd Campbell Fight Consultant ("The Card Trick")
Laird Macdonald Lighting Consultant ("The Tearful Bride")
Rick Sacks Sound Consultant ("The Tearful Bride" & "I Grow Old")
Caitlin Luxford Costume Consultant ("The Tearful Bride")
Nina Okens Costume Consultant ("The Tearful Bride")
Adrien Muir Make-up Consultant ("The Card Trick")


James Cade Drawings in The Card Trick
Amy Tepperman Poster & Flyer Design
Liz Air Audience Wrangler ("The Tearful Bride")
Lindsay Naft Audience Wrangler ("Requiem for a Hotel")
Tom Rylett Audience Wrangler ("Requiem for a Hotel")
Vanessa Broze Audience Wrangler ("I Grow Old")