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David Yee

Artistic Director, Collaborator, Dramaturge, Graphic Designer, Performer, Playwright, Projection Designer, Video Designer

Awards & Nominations

2017 Dora Award Nominee (General Theatre Division) – Outstanding New Play (acquiesce)


Red Machine: Under the Knife () Collaborator


Jackes and Jills () Dramaturge


acquiesce () Sin Hwang
The Dinner Table () Storyteller - “That Thing That Happened One Time” (July 5)
Durango () Isaac Lee
The Golden Dragon () A Young Man
Brown Balls () Charles Crawford (Charlie)
Red Machine: Part Two () Performer
I Have AIDS! () Vidor
The Gladstone Variations () Kelly
The Gladstone Variations () Kelly
Singkil () Performer
Autoshow () Jake ("Mind Over Matter")


among men () Playwright
rochdale () Playwright
No Foreigners () Playwright
acquiesce () Playwright
The Daisy Theatre () Contributing Playwright
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Playwright
Paper SERIES () Playwright
Fear of Flight () Writing Contributions (Sin)
Lady in the Red Dress () Playwright

Poster Design

Two in the Bush! () Poster Design

Projection Designer

A Taste of Empire () Projection Designer

Video Designer

A Taste of Empire () Original Video Design


fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company Artistic Director