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Two in the Bush! ()

Produced by

Brave New Girl Productions and SoulOTheatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Tracey Erin Smith


Royal St George’s College – Music Room


July 4th, 2007 – July 15th, 2007


The Stripping Rabbi is back! In the sequel to last year’s hit “The Burning Bush!” with incredible tales from her World Tour of saving souls, one lap dance at a time! (2007 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Tracey Erin Smith Performer
Suzanne Gauthier Prayers & Voices
Maggie Hollis Prayers & Voices
Harry Kimpton Prayers & Voices
Jodi Pape Prayers & Voices
Edward Vincent Prayers & Voices
Meghan Marie McClenaghan Dancer

Creative Team

Tracey Erin Smith Creator
Anita La Selva Directorial Consultant
Carol Lempert Dramaturge
Meghan Marie McClenaghan Choreographer


Meghan Marie McClenaghan Artistic Producer
Susie J Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Cooper Photography
Barry Wilson Script Advisor
David Yee Poster Design
Robert Faust Mask in the Poster
Mark Alexander Sound Recording
Mark Alexander Sound Editor