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Autoshow ()

Produced by

Convergence Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Aaron Willis and Julie Tepperman


Royal St. George’s College East Parking Lot


July 6th, 2006 – July 16th, 2006


Loving, fighting, working, sleeping, eating, planning, waiting, escaping, dying…what else goes on inside your car?

AutoShow invites you to move through its cycle of seven short plays by seven hot Toronto playwrights, taking you right inside the small intimate spaces where the stories unfold…rain or shine.

Dare to leave your seatbelt unbuckled. (


Brett Christopher Alan Hawk ("Hawk Limited")
Shira Leuchter Eurodice ("Out of Hades")
Mike McPhaden Orpheus ("Out of Hades")
Andy Pogson Cerberus ("Out of Hades")
Gordon Bolan Performer ("Prodigy")
Michael Rubenfeld Performer ("Prodigy")
Keith Barker Performer ("The Drop")
Courtenay Stevens Performer ("The Drop")
Marc Bondy Mr. Fisher ("Rosy")
Julie Tepperman Rosy ("Rosy")
Zoé Doyle Jenny ("Mind Over Matter")
David Yee Jake ("Mind Over Matter")
Rebecca Benson Performer ("Waiting to Happen")
John Cleland Performer ("Waiting to Happen")
Marc Bendavid AutoHost
Emily Boutet AutoHost
Dana Fradkin AutoHost
Reni Kratka AutoHost
Susan A. Lock AutoHost
Aaron Willis AutoHost

Creative Team

Aaron Willis Creator
Julie Tepperman Creator
Rebecca Benson Creator
Brendan Gall Playwright ("Hawk Limited")
Erin Shields Playwright ("Out of Hades")
Alan Dilworth Playwright ("Prodigy")
Jason Mitchell Playwright ("The Drop")
Julie Tepperman Playwright ("Rosy")
Marie Beath Badian Playwright ("Mind Over Matter")
Rick Roberts Playwright ("Waiting to Happen")
Aaron Willis Director ("Hawk Limited" / "Rosy" / "Waiting to Happen")
Rebecca Benson Director ("Out of Hades" / "The Drop" / "Mind Over Matter")
Alan Dilworth Director ("Prodigy")
Allison Cummings Choreographer
Alan Dilworth Dramaturge
Maev Beaty Dramaturge
Alastair Muir Makeup Design


Jason Golinsky Technical Advisor
Laird Macdonald Technical Advisor
Keith Barker Photography
Amy Tepperman Graphic Designer