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Fear of Flight ()

Produced by

Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland and Cahoots Theatre Company and Die In Debt Theatre

Presented by

Factory Theatre

Creators: Jillian Keiley and Robert Chafe and Jonathan Monro
Playwright: Robert Chafe
Director: Jillian Keiley


Factory Mainspace Theatre


May 13th, 2009 – May 24th, 2015


14 nervous passengers on a bumpy transcontinental flight deal with their immortality, baggage, and meeting Jesus’ brother Victor in Vancouver. This thrilling, touching and hilarious music and movement spectacle features a wild ensemble of singing travelers. (Cahoots Theatre)


Petrina Bromley Bride
Christine Brubaker Joyce
Phil Churchill Patrick
Andrew Dale Colin
Philip Goodridge Bryden
Sandy Gow Blandy
Victoria Harnett Anita
Brad Hodder Sin
Mia Mansfield Dennis
Karin Randoja Holly
Rebecca Russell Melanie
Anna Stassis Marie
Jovanni Sy Will

Creative Team

Jillian Keiley Creator
Robert Chafe Creator
Jonathan Monro Creator
Robert Chafe Playwright
Jillian Keiley Director
Denise Clarke Writing Contributions (Denise)
Marie Clements Writing Contributions (Marie)
Bryden MacDonald Writing Contributions (Bryden)
Daniel MacIvor Writing Contributions (Glynis)
Berni Stapleton Writing Contributions (Bride)
Judith Thompson Writing Contributions (Blandy)
Guillermo Verdecchia Writing Contributions (Will)
David Yee Writing Contributions (Sin)
Jonathan Monro Composer
Carolyn Brennan Costume Designer
Sarah Garton Stanley Dramaturge
Sharon King-Campbell Assistant Director
Carol Nelson Costume Designer


Mark Denine Stage Manager
Robert Gauthier Technical Director
Erin French Production Manager
Erin French Producer
Fionnuala McMahon Wardrobe Assistant


Dan Gallo Technical Director - Mainspace Theatre