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The Dinner Table ()

Produced by

Fail Better Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Co-Creators: Ali Joy Richardson and Ben Hayward


918 Bathurst Centre for Culture


July 3rd, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


12 guests & new storytellers nightly share 1 home cooked meal and stories of home around a table. Come eat! Stories told by Nina Lee Aquino, Judith Thompson, Sky Gilbert & many more. (


Philip McKee Storyteller -"I Thought Puglia Would Be Nice” (July 3)
Clive Mathibe Storyteller - "I An African" (July 3)
Nina Lee Aquino Storyteller - "Filipino Cowboy" (July 4)
Mel Hague Storyteller - "The Home Under My Skin” (July 5)
David Yee Storyteller - “That Thing That Happened One Time” (July 5)
Sue Miner Storyteller - "Breakfast in Bed with Joey Champagne" (July 9)
Clara McBride Storyteller - "Accepting Permanence" (July 10 - 6:30pm)
Judith Thompson Storyteller - "Lice, Mice, and the Killer Next Door" (July 10 - 6:30pm)
Sky Gilbert Storyteller - "My Home: Church Street" (July 10 - 9pm)
Mitchell Cushman Storyteller - "Pet Project" (July 11 - 6:30pm)
Julie Tepperman Storyteller - "The Big Schlep" (July 11 - 6:30pm)
Holger Syme Storyteller - “Home Truths” (July 11 - 9pm)
Cole Alvis Storyteller - "Gladys Good" (July 12)

Creative Team

Ali Joy Richardson Co-Creator
Ben Hayward Co-Creator


Ali Joy Richardson Producer
Lucy Powis Production Manager
Ben Hayward Cook
Madeleine Brown Assistant Cook
Colleen MacIsaac Promotional Art