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photo by Dahlia Katz

Mel Hague

Artistic Director, Director, Dramaturge, Performer, Play Development Coordinator, Residency Program Director, Rhubarb Festival Director

Assistant Director

The Invisible Girl () Assistant Director


The Guide to Being Fabulous () Dramaturge
Fall On Your Knees () Dramaturge
Safe and Sorry () Dramaturge
Black Boys () Dramaturge
Oraltorio: A Theatrical Mixtape () Dramaturge
Up the Garden Path () Dramaturge
Venus' Daughter () Dramaturge
Mature Young Adults () Dramaturge
Birth of Frankenstein () Dramaturge


The Dinner Table () Storyteller - "The Home Under My Skin” (July 5)


Factory Theatre Artistic Director
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Rhubarb Festival Director
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Residency Program Director (2019-2022)
Obsidian Theatre Company Play Development Coordinator