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Safe and Sorry ()

Produced by

Lester Trips (Theatre)

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creators: Lauren Gillis and Alaine Hutton
Director: Chelsea Dab Hilke


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


August 9th, 2019 – August 16th, 2019


“Don’t hate the game, don’t hate yourself.”

Keith Much is an ethical, savvy man who teaches a pragmatic dating and pick-up seminar. He coaches men through problems with body language, social cues, erotic performance, and communication in their relationships with women. Sudden online popularity floods his class with challenging students from the darker corners of the internet, leading him to do the ill-advised: Keith Much reads the comments. (


Lauren Gillis Performer
Alaine Hutton Performer
Angela Blumberg Performer

Creative Team

Lauren Gillis Creator
Alaine Hutton Creator
Chelsea Dab Hilke Director
Kelly Anderson Sound Designer
Angela Blumberg Choreographic Coaching
Steven Conway Music
Peter Demas Film Design
Lauren Gillis Costume Designer
Alaine Hutton Costume Designer
Mel Hague Dramaturge
Wesley McKenzie Lighting Designer
Wesley McKenzie Video Designer


Steven Conway Musician


Laura Philipps Stage Manager
Fides Krucker Vocal Coaching
Adam Lazarus Consulting Direction