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Fall On Your Knees ()

Produced by

Canada’s National Arts Centre and Canadian Stage and Neptune Theatre and Vita Brevis Arts

Playwright: Hannah Moscovitch
Director: Alisa Palmer
Co-Creators: Alisa Palmer and Hannah Moscovitch


Bluma Appel Theatre


January 21st, 2023 – February 5th, 2023


In 1996, Fall On Your Knees, written by the internationally acclaimed Canadian writer Ann-Marie MacDonald, was released – a sweeping novel that chronicles three generations of Cape Breton Island’s Piper family. The story moves from the battlefields of the First World War to the emerging jazz scene in Harlem, NY, and into the lives of four unforgettable sisters. (


Tim Campbell James Piper / Ensemble
Janelle Cooper Adelaide Taylor / Sweet Jessie Hogan / Ensemble
Diane Flacks Sister St. Monica / Giles MacVicar / Mrs. Luvovitz / Ensemble
Eva Foote Lily Piper / Ensemble
Deborah Hay Frances Piper / Ensemble
Samantha Hill Kathleen Piper / Ensemble
Drew Moore Ralph Luvovitz / David / Ensemble
Tony Ofori Leo "Ginger" Taylor / Impresario / Ensemble
Cara Rebecca Materia Piper / Charity Woman / Ensemble
Maryem Tollar Mrs. Mahmoud
Amaka Umeh Rose Lacroix / Doc Rose / Ensemble
Dakota Jamal Wellman Anthony / Ambrose / Ensemble
Jenny L. Wright Mercedes Piper / Jeanne Lacroix / Ensemble
Antoine Yared Mr. Mahmoud / Tommy Jameel / Maestro / Ensemble
Kira Chisholm Rehearsal Swing
Naomi Ngebulana Rehearsal Swing

Creative Team

Hannah Moscovitch Playwright
Alisa Palmer Director
Alisa Palmer Co-Creator
Hannah Moscovitch Co-Creator
Ann-Marie MacDonald Author
Alisa Palmer Adapter
Hannah Moscovitch Adapter
Douglas Price Conductor
Sean Mayes Orchestrations
Sean Mayes Music Arrangements
Mel Hague Dramaturge
Cherissa Richards Assistant Director
Natasha Powell Choreographer
Hollywood Jade Associate Choreographer
Tereka Tyler-Davis Associate Choreographer
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Judith Bowden Costume Designer
Leigh Ann Vardy Lighting Designer
Brian Kenny Sound Designer
Joyce Padua Associate Costume Designer
Anita Nittoly Fight Director
Anita Nittoly Sexual Choreography


Douglas Price Piano / Accordion
Anna Atkinson Violin / Accordion
Spencer Murray Flutes / Reeds / Pipes
Maryem Tollar Voice / Qanun / Oud / Percussion


Michael Hart Stage Manager
Sean Mayes Musical Supervision
Jane Gooderham Dialect Coach
Douglas Price Associate Music Supervisor
Yousef Kadoura Dialect Consultant
Yousef Kadoura Disability Consultant
Sarah Miller Assistant Stage Manager
Ciaran Brenneman Apprentice Stage Manager
Daniel Bennett Technical Director
Jillian Wardell Assistant Technical Director
Janet Pym Head of Wardrobe
Chantelle Zoelene Laliberte Advance Head of Wardrobe
Brandon Wells Audio Engineer
Josh Vlodarchyk Practical Wireperson
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Chynah Philadelphia Props Assistant
Alysson Bernabe Props Scenic Painter
Karon Rodd Props Builder
Phil Atfield Cutter
Marlee Bygate Cutter
Terri Dans Cutter
Melinda Dempster Cutter
Carole McDonald Cutter
Lela Stairs Murphy Cutter
Evan Stillwater Cutter
Jennie Wonnacott Cutter
Michael Zoffranierii Cutter
Carly Beamish Stitcher
Dustin George Stitcher
Shona Humphrey Stitcher
Marylou Mason Stitcher
Barbara Morrone-Sanchez Stitcher
Christine Yundt Stitcher
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wigs
Kax Maxine Hats
Maya Hall Head of Lighting
Dan Fletcher Lighting Assistant
Keijo Makela Head of Audio
Brenden McAndrew Audio Assistant
Jay Blencowe Head Deck Carpenter
Justin Tucci Flyperson
Wes Allen Head of Stage Props
Roxanne Pinnock Stage Props
Lora Rempel Head of Wardrobe
Jackie Smulan Dresser
Sarah Atchison Wigs


Elissa Horscroft Director of Production
Lynanne Sparrow Producer