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The Invisible Girl ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: Michele Riml
Director: Nina Lee Aquino


The Susan Rubes Theatre


October 12th, 2010 – October 23rd, 2010


Ali used to be part of the most popular group in Grade 5. Then she made a BIG mistake and now all her best friends treat her like she’s invisible! When no one sees you, it’s amazing how you start to see others. The Invisible Girl is a smart and humorous look at our culture’s preoccupation with fashion, beauty and popularity. It’s about being yourself and standing up for what’s right, even if sometimes it’s easier to be invisible.¬†(


Amy Lee Ali

Creative Team

Michele Riml Playwright
Nina Lee Aquino Director
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Camellia Koo Costume Designer
Camellia Koo Art Director
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Romeo Candido Sound Designer
Romeo Candido Video Designer
Clare Preuss Movement Designer
Mel Hague Assistant Director
Vincent Galvez Associate Video Designer
André Du Toit Assistant Lighting Designer


Romeo Candido Composer


Kat Chin Stage Manager
Ina Kerklaan Cutter
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Matt Jordan Assistant Carpenter
Matthew Marshall Assistant Carpenter
Matt Jordan Crew
Parker Nowlan Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Crew
Melissa Grandovec Crew
Jenn Hewitt Crew
Jareth Li Crew
Ian A. Bailie Crew
Karen Gilodo Crew
Matthew Marshall Crew