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The Daisy Theatre ()

Produced by

Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Creator: Ronnie Burkett


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


June 14th, 2013 – June 23rd, 2013


A talking cow, a faded vamp, a wistful fairy and the most beloved and befuddled prairie farm wife in Canada are a few of the outrageous characters in Ronnie Burkett’s new show, The Daisy Theatre. Inspired by the illegal underground “daisy” puppet shows of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, and the beginnings of cabaret at the famed Le Chat Noir in Paris, The Daisy Theatre blends nightly improvisation, variety acts and music, monologues and morality tales, plus new short playlets by ten Canadian playwrights written for the resident company of over 30 marionettes. Each performance will be different, daring, ridiculous and on the edge, in the hands of renowned puppeteer and provocateur Ronnie Burkett. No two performances of The Daisy Theatre will be the same, making this is a show to see more than once. (


Ronnie Burkett Performer

Creative Team

Ronnie Burkett Creator
Ronnie Burkett Marionette Design
Ronnie Burkett Costume Designer
Ronnie Burkett Set Designer
John Alcorn Music
John Alcorn Lyrics
John Alcorn Sound Designer
Iris Turcott Dramaturge
John Alcorn Contributing Playwright
Damien Atkins Contributing Playwright
Chris Craddock Contributing Playwright
Brad Fraser Contributing Playwright
Amy Lee Lavoie Contributing Playwright
Daniel MacIvor Contributing Playwright
Joan MacLeod Contributing Playwright
Morris Panych Contributing Playwright
Anusree Roy Contributing Playwright
David Yee Contributing Playwright
Terri Gillis Artistic Associate
Cathy Nosaty The Franz and Schnitzel Theme Music Composer


Laura Hubert The Daisy Theatre theme song singer


Crystal Salverda Stage Manager
Terri Gillis Production Manager
John Lambert Associate Producer
Ronnie Burkett Marionette Builder
Kim Crossley Costumes
Angela Talbot Puppet Builder
Gemma James-Smith Puppet Builder
Marcus Jamin Puppet Builder
Gil Garratt Puppet Builder
Shanna Miller Puppet Builder
Martin Herbert Puppet Builder
Robin Fisher Shoes & Accessories
Camellia Koo Shoes & Accessories
Luman Coad Marionette Controls
Robbie Buttinski Majordomo
Daisy Padunkles Majordomo
Mike Kukucska The Daisy Theatre Stage Devisor and Builder
Eric James Ball "The Max Bümchen Orchestrale" Pit Band Devisor and Builder
Noreen Young Pit Band Puppet Sculptor