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The Arab-Israeli Cookbook ()

Produced by

Studio 180 Theatre

Playwright: Robin Soans
Director: Joel Greenberg


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


March 3rd, 2006 – April 1st, 2006


he Arab-Israeli Cookbook combines onstage food preparation with intimate interviews to create a portrait of the lives of ordinary people in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. In their travels, the creators met and interviewed more than 80 people, from a wide background of cultures, classes and creeds. The resulting play presents over 40 characters describing their daily lives – driving buses, shopping at the market, preparing meals – amidst the surrounding conflict. (


Victor Ertmanis Hossin / Dinu / Ayman / David / Aftab / Yaakov
David Fox Mordecai / Abdullah / Raoul / Mounther
Barbara Gordon Nadia / Levana / Rose / Shoshi
Mark McGrinder Fadi / Assistant / Alon / Tim
Jeff Miller Customer / Daniel / Naji / Idan / Liron
Kimwun Perehinec Elti / Hala / Vitia / Amal / Nina
Maria Ricossa Rena / Fatthiyah / Rivka

Creative Team

Robin Soans Playwright
Joel Greenberg Director
Michael Gianfrancesco Set Designer
Joanna Dente Costume Designer
Trevor Schwellnus Lighting Designer
Steve Marsh Sound Designer
Lindsay Anne Black Props


Shauna Japp Stage Manager
Trevor Schwellnus Production Manager
Ashley Ireland Assistant Stage Manager
Nina Okens Sewer
Kevin Hutson Carpentry (Furniture)
Jonathan Pinksen Driver
John Karastamatis Marketing
John Karastamatis Publicity
Pierre Gautreau Brochure Photo
Marvin Hinz Original Web Design
Joey Morin Web Master
Jessica Greenberg Associate Producer
Jessica Greenberg Education Coordinator
Joel Greenberg Producer
Derrick Chua Producer
Myrna Stein Selected Jewelry Creator/Provider