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Clique Claque ()

Produced by

Pea Green Theatre Group

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Mark Brownell
Director: Sue Miner


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 4th, 2017 – January 15th, 2017


Clique Claque is a dastardly period comedy/ melodrama set in 1880’s Paris. Madame Clothilde is the “Chef de Claque” – the overseer of a motley group of professional “clappers” who manipulate audience applause for cash. Together with her detestable husband she seeks to control the life and fortunes of every performing artist in Paris. (


Robert Clarke Yannick
Thalia Kane Clemantine
Ron Kennell Dubosc
Michelle Langille Clothilde
Victor Pokinko Victor

Creative Team

Mark Brownell Playwright
Sue Miner Director
Nina Okens Costume Designer


Victor Pokinko Piano Bits


Hilary Unger Stage Manager


Josh Hoodless Factory Mainspace Technician
Joey Morin Festival Technican
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer