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Espoir/Espwa ()

Produced by

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Playwrights: Edwige Jean-Pierre and Djennie Laguerre and Carline Zamar
Director: Guy Mignault


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


February 24th, 2016 – March 6th, 2016


The story of three Haitian women who share a common desire to not dwell on sadness and misery. Because in the end, apart from an earthquake, there’s only one thing powerful enough to move mountains: ESPWA!

Toronto. Two young Haitian women are homesick. Nadège has never set foot on the land of her ancestors, but regardless, she knows it’s her home, that’s she’s there in spirit. Meanwhile her friend Celeste has already set sail for Haiti. She couldn’t stay away, especially after the earthquake that devastated her homeland. She had to help, at any price, by any means. There, she meets Man Sara, owner of a small shop on the side of a mountain in the town of Jacmel. But Man Sara is much more than that, “She’s the corner psychologist, actually, better yet, she’s the corner barmaid. Except that she doesn’t serve drinks. She serves hope.”  (


Carline Zamar Performer
Edwige Jean-Pierre Performer
Djennie Laguerre Performer

Creative Team

Edwige Jean-Pierre Playwright
Djennie Laguerre Playwright
Carline Zamar Playwright
Guy Mignault Director
Alexandre Côté Assistant Director
Jorge Sandoval Set Designer
Sorcha Gibson Assistant Set Designer
Nina Okens Costume Designer
Alain Richer Lighting Designer


Paul Beaubrun Musician
Tamsir Seck Musician


Marc Lemyre Photography
Natalie Gisèle Production Manager
Gabriel Dubé Stage Manager
Melanie Hall Surtitles


Cecilia Waszczuk House Technician