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Théâtre Français de Toronto



General Manager: Ghislain Caron

Current staff listing:

“Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a professional French-language theatre presenting repertoire as well as new work. While appealing to all lovers of French-language theatre, it contributes to the cultural and educational development of Toronto’s francophone community.”

From comedy to tragedy, from new creations to the greats of the classical and modern repertoire, the reservoir of theatrical works in French from which TfT draws the pieces it presents is vast. An eclectic company, TfT produces and presents theatrical productions from both here and away. Original works occupy an important place in the company’s artistic process: they are a source of collaboration, discovery and reflection. TfT’s artistic choices are driven by the need to tell, surprise and move French theatre enthusiasts, be they children, adolescents or adults.

Since its creation, the company has produced or presented over 300 productions in Toronto and across Canada.

Plays are presented in French. With Surtitles in English (check for date).

(Théâtre Français de Toronto)


Produced by Théâtre Français de Toronto

Lesson in Forgetting February 5th, 2020 – February 9th, 2020
Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake December 4th, 2019 – December 12th, 2019
The Bald Soprano October 23rd, 2019 – November 3rd, 2019
Les Zinspires: The Age of Reason November 30th, 2018 – December 5th, 2018
The Second Surprise of Love October 17th, 2018 – October 28th, 2018
Le Menteur April 11th, 2018 – April 22nd, 2018
Countries Shaped Like Stars March 2nd, 2018
The Telling of Tel January 24th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018
Les Zinspirés: Six Degrees of Separation December 1st, 2017 – December 9th, 2017
Where Trees Take Root in Water October 26th, 2017 – October 28th, 2017
Dom Juan May 10th, 2017 – May 28th, 2017
Five Faces for Evelyn Frost February 14th, 2017 – March 5th, 2017
Les Zinspirés: Cinq sur Cinq November 17th, 2016 – November 26th, 2016
The (Post) Mistress October 12th, 2016 – November 6th, 2016
Le Placard May 11th, 2016 – May 29th, 2016
Espoir/Espwa February 24th, 2016 – March 6th, 2016
Un Neurinome Sur Une Balançoire December 2nd, 2015 – December 6th, 2015
Les Zinspirés: Puissance Quatre November 20th, 2015 – November 28th, 2015
Le Malade Imaginaire May 6th, 2015 – May 24th, 2015
Les Zinspirés 3D October 24th, 2014 – November 1st, 2014
Le Passé Antérieur September 24th, 2014 – October 5th, 2014
Les Précieuses Ridicules April 23rd, 2014 – May 10th, 2014
Les Zinspirés 2.0 November 20th, 2013 – November 22nd, 2013
Le Fa Le Do October 23rd, 2013 – November 2nd, 2013
Albertine En Cinq Temps April 17th, 2013 – April 28th, 2013
Les Zinspirés February 13th, 2013
Les Fourberies De Scapin October 24th, 2012 – November 10th, 2012
L’Emmerdeur (The Pain in the Ass) April 18th, 2012 – May 5th, 2012
Zone February 1st, 2012 – February 12th, 2012
Une Maison face au Nord (A North Facing House) November 24th, 2011 – November 27th, 2011
School for Wives April 6th, 2011 – April 23rd, 2011
À Toi, pour Toujours, ta Marie-Lou February 2nd, 2011 – February 19th, 2011
Les Fridolinades October 27th, 2010 – November 7th, 2010
Fragments de Mensonges Inutiles (Fragments of Useless Lies) April 28th, 2010 – May 15th, 2010
Les Médecins de Molière February 3rd, 2010 – February 20th, 2010
Les Noirs Sont Heureux / Rendez-Vous Lakay / Le Domestique December 2nd, 2009 – December 12th, 2009
Le Dîner de Cons (The Dinner Game) April 22nd, 2009 – May 9th, 2009
Une Maison face au Nord (A North Facing House) February 25th, 2009 – March 8th, 2009
On Ne Badine Pas Avec L’Amour October 22nd, 2008 – November 8th, 2008

Presented by Théâtre Français de Toronto

Inpatience March 1st, 2019