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Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake ()

Produced by

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Playwrights: Charlotte Calvez and Cass McGarry and Martin Staadecker and Sofia Velikov and Emily White
Director: Krystel Descary


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


December 4th, 2019 – December 12th, 2019


PAUL VALÉRY ARGUED THAT “HE WHO WANTS TO WRITE HIS DREAM MUST BE INFINITELY AWAKE”. TfT invites you once again on a journey of unexpected discoveries, a door that opens to a world sketched by new eyes.

For the eighth edition of Les Zinspiré.e.s, five teenagers bring to fruition their theatrical dream. By reminding you of the lightness of being, by finding inspiration in the smallest details of everyday life and by sharing their take on problems that overwhelm us all, they simultaneously provide a snapshot of today’s society. (


Francesca Barcenas Performer
Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin Performer
Alexandre Côté Performer
Stéphie Mazunya Performer
Lexi Soha Performer

Creative Team

Charlotte Calvez Playwright
Cass McGarry Playwright
Martin Staadecker Playwright
Sofia Velikov Playwright
Emily White Playwright
Krystel Descary Director
Lara Arabian Writing Coach
Alexandre Côté Writing Coach
Krystel Descary Writing Coach
Karine Ricard Writing Coach
Pierre Simpson Writing Coach
Donald Woo Writing Coach
Duncan Appleton Set Designer
Nicolas Di Gaetano Composer
Nicolas Di Gaetano Sound Designer
Laura Bergeron Animations


Natalie Gisèle Stage Manager
Pierre Simpson Project Coordinator
Sarah Delignies Costumes and Accessories
Emily Butters Props
Kira Duff Scenic Painter
Melanie Hall Production Manager
Glenn Davidson Technical Director
Nina Okens Surtitles Creation
Jeff Soucy Surtitles Operation
Melanie Hall Surtitles Operation
Théo Belnou Photography


Cassandra Miller Venue Technician