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Natalie Gisele

Director of Production, Facilities Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager

Apprentice Stage Manager

Featuring Loretta () Apprentice Stage Manager
The Overwhelming () Apprentice Stage Manager
True Love Lies () Apprentice Stage Manager
Missing () Apprentice Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Beyond Mozambique () Assistant Stage Manager

Production Manager

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale () Production Manager
Poor People’s TV Room SOLO () Production Manager
Les Zinspires: The Age of Reason () Production Manager
Bug () Production Manager
Reflector () Production Manager
Reflector () Production Manager
The (Post) Mistress () Production Manager
Le Placard () Production Director
Espoir/Espwa () Production Manager
Le Malade Imaginaire () Production Manager
Le Passé Antérieur () Production Manager

Stage Manager

Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake () Stage Manager
Five Faces for Evelyn Frost () Stage Manager
Le Placard () Stage Manager
Tomasso's Party () Stage Manager
The Dining Room () Stage Manager
The Dining Room () Stage Manager
Orson's Shadow () Stage Manager


Théâtre Français de Toronto
The Theatre Centre Director of Production (2019-)
The Theatre Centre Facilities Manager (2019-)