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Where Trees Take Root in Water ()

Produced by

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Writers: Marguerite Andersen and Véronique Auger-Drolet and Joël Beddows and Lina Blais and Hédi Bouraoui and Dino Gonçalves and Pierre Karch and Marianne Lambert and Glen Charles Landry and Didier Leclair and Marc Lemyre and Pierre Léon and Marie-Claire Marcotte and Marcelle McGibbon and Mireille Messier and Anne Nenarokoff Van Burek and Louise Nolan and Paul-François Sylvestre
Director: Maxime Robin
Venue Technician: Marcus Sirman


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


October 26th, 2017 – October 28th, 2017


Come and discover the voices of Toronto authors — both the famous and the lesser known. They are the explorers who take pleasure in redefining our collective existence. In a rhythmic and festive happening orchestrated by Marie- Claire Marcotte and Maxime Robin, their writings cast an unexpected light on our city and serve as windows on an uncertain world. Whatever the subject, whatever the form, local artists celebrate the local through music, literature and theatre. They remind us that in this magical place once called Takaronto, “where trees take root in water”, the poetry of our language with its many flavours and accents remains the unifying force at the heart of our metropolis. (


Geneviève Cholette Driver
Alexandre Côté The Son
Marie-Hélène Fontaine The Lady
Djennie Laguerre The Author
René Lemieux The Gentleman
Nathalie Nadon Driver
Mélanie Paiement Driver
Karine Ricard The Mother
DJ UnPier Performer

Creative Team

Marguerite Andersen Writer
Véronique Auger-Drolet Writer
Joël Beddows Writer
Lina Blais Writer
Hédi Bouraoui Writer
Dino Gonçalves Writer
Pierre Karch Writer
Marianne Lambert Writer
Glen Charles Landry Writer
Didier Leclair Writer
Marc Lemyre Writer
Pierre Léon Writer
Marie-Claire Marcotte Writer
Marcelle McGibbon Writer
Mireille Messier Writer
Anne Nenarokoff Van Burek Writer
Louise Nolan Writer
Paul-François Sylvestre Writer
Maxime Robin Director
Marie-Claire Marcotte Literary Director
Jennifer Goodman Set Designer
Jennifer Goodman Costume Designer
Jennifer Goodman Lighting Designer
DJ UnPier Sound Environment
Laura Bergeron Assistant Director


Laura Bergeron Stage Manager
Natalie Gisèle Production Manager
Nina Okens Surtitles Translation
Melanie Hall Surtitles Operation


Marcus Sirman Venue Technician