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Melanie Hall

Production Assistant, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Surtitles, Translator

Apprentice Stage Manager

Heisenberg () Apprentice Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Rent () Assistant Stage Manager

Production Assistant

Botticelli in the Fire & Sunday in Sodom () Production Assistant

Production Manager

Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake () Production Manager

Stage Manager

And So It Goes () Stage Manager
The (Post) Mistress () Stage Manager


Les Zinspiré.e.s: Infinitely Awake () Surtitles Operation
Les Zinspires: The Age of Reason () Surtitles
Five Faces for Evelyn Frost () Creation and Surtitles Operation
Le Placard () Surtitles Operation
Espoir/Espwa () Surtitles
Un Neurinome Sur Une Balançoire () Surtitles
Le Malade Imaginaire () Surtitles Operator
Le Passé Antérieur () Surtitles Operator
Les Précieuses Ridicules () Surtitles Operator
Le Fa Le Do () Surtitles Manager


Les Zinspires: The Age of Reason () Surtitles Translation