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Bug ()

Produced by

Manidoons Collective Production

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Creator: Yolanda Bonnell
Director: Cole Alvis


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


June 22nd, 2018 – June 24th, 2018


bug is a solo physical theatre piece about the life of The Girl; taken from her alcoholic Mother and cycled through the damaging foster care system, The Girl develops an addictive personality that clings to anything that gives her power or makes her feel loved. As The Girl grows so do her addictions and they manifest as the creature Manidoons (Ojibwe word for bug, insect or worm). When Manidoons takes over her addictions become more and more dangerous. (


Yolanda Bonnell Performer

Creative Team

Yolanda Bonnell Creator
Cole Alvis Director
Yvette Nolan Dramaturge
Jay Havens Scenography
Michel Charbonneau Lighting
Joshua DePerry Composer
Jennifer Kreisberg Composer


Ashley Bomberry Stage Manager
Aria Evans Movement Coach
Michel Charbonneau Technical Director
Kinoo Arcentales Stitcher
Chelsea Reinders Stitcher
Timothy L. Hill Set Construction
Lisa Alves Associate Producer
Olivia Shortt Associate Producer
Kristina Lemieux Producing Consultant
Pauline Shirt Knowledge Keeper


Cathy Gordon Producer
Natalie Gisèle Production Manager