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Les Médecins de Molière ()

Produced by

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Playwright: Molière
Director: Jean Stéphane Roy


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


February 3rd, 2010 – February 20th, 2010


Le Médecin Malgré Lui (The Doctor in Spite of Himself)

Martine and Sganarelle, a married couple, are fighting and Sganarelle hits his wife. Their neighbour Monsieur Robert tries to defend Martine but she protects her husband. Meanwhile, two servants, Valère and Lucas, are looking for a doctor to treat their master Géronte’s daughter, who has gone mute. Martine’s plan is to pass her husband off as a great doctor.

Les Médecin Volant (The Flying Doctor)

Gorgibus wants his daughter, Lucile, to marry the elderly Villebrequin at any cost. However, Lucile is in love with Valère. She confides her love to her cousin Sabine, who goes to see Valère to explain the problem and tell him that, in order to delay the wedding, Lucile is pretending to be ill. She asks Valère to find someone to impersonate the doctor, who will order Lucile to recuperate at a country house where Valère can easily see her. (Show Program)


Sophie Goulet Performer
Chanda Gibson Performer
Vincent Poirier Performer
Anie Richer Performer
Pierre Simpson Performer
Nicolas Van Burek Performer

Creative Team

Molière Playwright
Jean Stéphane Roy Director
Dominic Manca Set
Dominic Manca Lighting
Jean-Michel Ouimet Soundscape
Nina Okens Costumes


Tina Goralski Stage Manager
Janelle Rainville Production Manager
Annie Parkinson Makeup
Melanie McNeill Head Cutter
Melanie McNeill Mask Builder
Melanie McNeill Puppet Builder
Gulay Cokgezen Stitcher
Bonita Ubell Stitcher
Michelle Turpin Stitcher
Gunta Dreifelds Surtitles