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Une Maison face au Nord (A North Facing House) ()

Produced by

Théâtre du Tandem and Théâtre Français de Toronto and Théâtre la Rubrique


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


February 25th, 2009 – March 8th, 2009


CHICOUTIMI. 2005. Henri Simard and wife Anne-Marie have raised three children. They have built their existence with their own hands – both literally and figuratively. Taking stock of his blue collar life and his workshop, Henri feels at a dead end: the heritage that he created and the country of his dreams is inexorably losing its sense and future. Between a son pursued for money laundering, a young Guatemalan worker, and an elderly Pole, he stoically begins to contemplate the collapse of his world under the clear gaze of his wife who understands that none of his children will give him descendants.

Oscillating between family drama and comedy of manners, Une Maison face au Nord takes on some serious subjects, such as the rural exodus, the integration of immigrants, and generational conflict, all of which are dramatized with the author’s humour spicing up the text.


Marcelo Arroyo Henriquez
Eric Chalifour Stéphane
Louisette Dussault Anne-Marie
AJ Henderson Larry
Guy Mignault Henri
Sara Simard Sonia

Creative Team

Jean-Rock Gaudreault Playwright
Jacinthe Potvin Director
Serge LaPierre Set Designer
Yasmina Giguère Costume Designer
Lynn Rioux Lighting Designer
Catherine Gadouas Sound Designer
Catherine Gadouas Composer
Catherine Sasseville Assistant Director
Serge LaPierre Prop Designer


Michel Côté Stage Manager
Catherine Sasseville Production Director