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Les Fourberies De Scapin ()

Produced by

Théâtre Français de Toronto

Playwright: Molière
Director: Guy Mignault


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


October 24th, 2012 – November 10th, 2012

Awards & Nominations

2013 Dora Award Nominee – Outstanding Costume Design


OCTAVE ET LÉANDRE ARE BOTH IN LOVE. One of them is enamoured of a modest servant girl, the other with a gypsy. When their hidden loves are threatened by their noble families, Scapin, Léandre’s valet, is asked to “concoct some invention, come up with some machine” to get them out of their predicament. Scapin assists them, but is it to be helpful, or just to make mischief? (


Sébastien Bertrand Silvestre
Noa May Dorn Zerbinette
Robert Godin Argante
René Lemieux Géronte
Meilie Ng Hyacinthe
Lindsay Owen Pierre Léandre
Nicolas Van Burek Scapin
Philippe Van de Maele Martin Octave

Creative Team

Molière Playwright
Guy Mignault Director
Marie-Êve Cormier Set
Marie-Êve Cormier Props
Simon Rossiter Light
Melanie McNeill Costumes
Brandon Kleiman Assistant Costume Designer
Claude Naubert Music Arrangements
Claude Naubert Sound Designer
David Danzon Choreographer


Meilie Ng Musician
Lindsay Owen Pierre Musician


Gabriel Dubé Stage Manager
Florian Richaud Assistant Stage Manager
Alice Norton Wigs
Allie Marshall Head of Wardrobe
Gunta Dreifelds Surtitles
Dominic Manca Production Manager
Marc Lemyre Photography