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Fibber ()

Produced by

Theatre Gargantua

Playwright: Michael Spence
Director: Jacquie PA Thomas


The Theatre Centre (1087 Queen St W)


October 2nd, 2008 – October 18th, 2008


Theatre Gargantua’s eighth multidisciplinary adventure explores the slippery relationship between the truth we instinctively seek and the untruth our happiness depends on. Integrating animation with live performance, and featuring a set with 1020 hand-tied knots in 2000 feet of rope, Gargantua’s daring ensemble goes beyond expectation to unravel the sometimes humorous, sometimes haunting inner workings of the human psyche. (


Joel Benson Ensemble
Madeleine Donohue Ensemble
Bethany Jillard Ensemble
Kat Sandler Ensemble
Michael Spence Ensemble

Creative Team

Michael Spence Playwright
Jacquie PA Thomas Director
Michael Spence Set Designer
Allan Day Lighting Designer
Nina Okens Costume Designer
Jacquie PA Thomas Original Vocal Composition (with Ensemble)
Jacquie PA Thomas Additional Music
Victor Mare Animations


Sharon DiGenova Stage Manager
Allan Day Production Manager
Allan Day Lighting Board Operator
Sandra Crijenica Sound Operator
Kearsten Lyon Sound Operator
Allan Day Video Operator
Kim Gravel Production Crew
Jareth Li Production Crew
Scott Dermody Production Crew
Alex Naylor Production Crew
Ashley Rose Production Crew
Sandra Crijenica Production Intern
Kearsten Lyon Production Intern
Michael Cooper Photography