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Raging Dreams – Into the Visceral ()

Produced by

Theatre Gargantua

Creator: Jacquie PA Thomas
Director: Jacquie PA Thomas
Playwrights: Meryn Cadell and Jacquie PA Thomas


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


November 6th, 2007 – November 10th, 2007


Raging Dreams is a cycle of work examining the impact of societal violence on the subconscious. (


Joel Benson Performer
Madeleine Donohue Performer
Carin Lowerison Performer
Melissa-Jane Shaw Performer
Courtenay Stevens Performer
Michael Gordon Spence Performer

Creative Team

Jacquie PA Thomas Conceived by
Jacquie PA Thomas Director
Meryn Cadell Original Text
Jacquie PA Thomas Original Text
Michael Gordon Spence Set Designer
Michael Gordon Spence Lighting Designer
Erica Buss Costume Designer
Erica Buss Original Music Composition
Jacquie PA Thomas Original Music Composition
Michael Gordon Spence Original Music Composition
Tim Sommerville Original Music Composition
Michelle Polak Original Music Composition
Albert Hung Original Music Composition


John Gzowski Guest Musician
Donald Quan Guest Musician


Chad Dembski Stage Manager
Stephan Droege Production Manager
Nico Droege Production Crew
Allan Day Production Crew
Scott Dermody Production Crew
Nina Okens Costume
Michael Cooper Photography


Patrick Hales Lighting
Sam Shaw Sound
Shannon Phipps Stage