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Kristina McNamee

Artist, Crew, Designer, General Manager, Lighting Designer, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Projection Designer


Family Story () Visual Art

Assistant Producer

The Test () Assistant Producer


Better Living () Crew

Design Assistant

La ComuniĆ³n () Design Assistant

Lighting Designer

The Best Plan for Living Happily () Lighting Designer
Theory () Lighting Designer
Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid () Lighting Designer
I Will Not Hatch () Lighting Designer
/Dance/Songs/ () Lighting Apprentice
Marla's Party () Lighting Designer
The Lover () Lighting Designer
Collected Stories () Lighting Designer


Rubble () Producer
Secret Life of a Mother () Producer
The Flick () Producer
Ghost Quartet () Producer
Grace () Producer
The Wedding Party () Producer
Family Story () Producer
Bliss () Producer
Apricots () Producer
Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid () Producer
The Lover () Producer

Production Assistant

La ComuniĆ³n () Production Assistant

Production Manager

9 Parts of Desire () Production Manager
Marla's Party () Production Manager
The Lover () Production Manager

Projection Designer

The Best Plan for Living Happily () Projection Designer
Theory () Projection Designer


Necessary Angel Theatre Company General Manager
Crow’s Theatre Producer