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9 Parts of Desire ()

Produced by

Seventh Stage Theatre Productions

Playwright: Heather Raffo
Director: Kelly Straughan


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


May 19th, 2010 – May 23rd, 2010


9 Parts of Desire is told from the perspective of nine very different Iraqi women, each character speaks intimately to the audience, who becomes a trusted friend. A sexy painter, a radical Communist, a young girl obsessed with Justin Timberlake, an Iraqi American desperate to contact her family in the middle-east; each character struggles with a desire for freedom – from Iraq, from lovers, from friends, from parents. (


Aviva Armour-Ostroff Doctor
Christine Aubin-Khalifah Layal
Toni Ellwand Nana
Lili Francks Umm Ghada
Deborah Grover Huda
Maryem Tollar Mullaya
Brittany Kay Iraqi Girl
Anusree Roy Amal
Melissa-Jane Shaw American
Amir Al-Azraki Voice of The Uncle

Creative Team

Heather Raffo Playwright
Kelly Straughan Director
Rosa Laborde Assistant Director
Maryem Tollar Composer
Robin Fisher Set Designer
Robin Fisher Costume Designer
Lindsay R. Forde Set Designer
Lindsay R. Forde Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Verne Good Sound Designer


Maryem Tollar Musician


Melissa-Jane Shaw Producer
Briana Brown Associate Producer
Kristina McNamee Production Manager
Eric Hopkins Stage Manager
Melissa Joakim Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Armstrong Dialect Coach
Amir Al-Azraki Iraqi Cultural Liason
Kajal Aziz Iraqi Cultural Liason
Michelle Bailey Production Photographs
Jaime Woo Promo Video
Chelsea Conway Rehearsal Video Footage
Erika Maaskant Online Networking
Debra Goldblatt Publicist
Ashley Ballantyne Publicist
Alana De Guerre Publicist