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Toronto The Good ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre

Playwright: Andrew Moodie
Director: Philip Akin


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 31st, 2009 – March 1st, 2009


A police officer is charged with racial profiling when she randomly pulls over a black male and finds a gun. Thomas, a black lawyer, is chosen by the Crown to represent the police officer. A riveting and complex journey where the personal and political collide. (


Stephanie Broschart Amanda / Chorus 5 / Sabrina / CFRB Host 2
Miranda Edwards Violet / Chorus 2 / Mary Anne Shadd / Rose Fortune Moseby / Nzingha
Sandra Forsell Officer Elsie MacGill / Ann Harvey / Chorus 4 / Rebecca / Peggy / CFRB Host 1
Xuan Fraser Thomas Matthews / Chorus 6 / Jeffrey Reodica
Brian Marler Officer 1 / Simon Phillip / Peter Cashin / Chorus 3
Marcel Stewart Chorus 1 / William Willis / Solomon Moseby / Gurdit Singh / Young Male

Creative Team

Andrew Moodie Playwright
Philip Akin Director
Kelly Wolf Set Designer
Kelly Wolf Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Kimberley Rampersad Assistant Director


Andrea Schurman Stage Manager
Laura Baxter Apprentice Stage Manager
Michael Kennedy Scenic Artist
Jessica Nelson Scenic Artist
Chris Axford Scenic Artist
Craig MacOwan Scenic Artist
Kate Rowlands Scenic Artist
Melissa Grandovec Scenic Artist
Fazia Ali Crew
Rick Banville Crew
Josh Hoodless Crew
Kevin Hutson Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Crew
Bill Stahl Crew


Elizath Walters Head of Wardrobe
Anna Treusch Head of Properties
Jonathan Rooke Production Manager
Dan Gallo Technical Director
Dan Gallo House Technician