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Underneath ()

Produced by

Praxis Theatre

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Andrew Zadel
Director: Simon Rice


Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 7th, 2009 – August 16th, 2009


In postwar Kosovo, international forensic investigators exhume and identify the remains of missing persons. Yet underneath this noble cause is a world of lust, ambition, and secret agendas, as United Nations experts scramble to advance their careers. (Summerworks 2009 Festival Program)


Pip Dwyer Kristina Draskovic
John Gordon Fernando Cambaceres
Paul Hardy James "Jimmy" Peters
Christine Horne Dr. Meike Ruttman
Catherine Rainville Shpresa Vellijah
Jan-Michael Weir Shpejtim Neziraj

Creative Team

Andrew Zadel Playwright
Simon Rice Director
Danny Waugh Assistant Director
Scott Penner Set Designer
Scott Penner Costume Designer
Laird Macdonald Lighting Designer
Wesley Cheang Sound Designer
Chris Mott Fight Coordinator


Monika Dembowy Stage Manager
Meredith Scott Production Manager
Meredith Whitten Photography
Michael Wheeler Producer
Margaret Evans Producer


Jonathan Rooke Venue Technician
Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Trevor Schwellnus Festival Lighting Designer